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British Hellenic College was founded in 1989 and offers British higher education to students in Greece. Today it offers 7 undergraduate and 2 postgraduate courses, in cooperation with the University of Glyndwr.

BHC has participated in many international programmes, in the fields of teaching Modern Greek as foreign language (through the Hellenic Language School “Alexander the Great”) and Organic Agriculture and Agricultural Tourism (through its affiliated Company European Educational and Development Association).

Since 1989, BHC has created a modern educational institution, with laboratories, up to date library and Curricula and –most importantly – an excellent educational system and a dynamic group of teachers and staff.

Recently BHC decided to offer this experience not only to its students, but to all the adults that wish to improve their educational or professional level.

This is why it founded the Adult Vocational Centre which is prepared to offer high quality education and training, within a modern environment to anyone who wishes to learn, on the following fields: Psychology, Management, Quality, Modern Concerns, Applied Arts, Computing, Economy, Education, Architecture, Languages, Modern Greek and Modern Agriculture.

In particular, the department of Modern Agriculture has already organized three circles of seminars on organic agriculture, agricultural tourism and herbs, that all had a wide participation.BHC wishes to broaden this department, as it is considered to be one of the most dynamic and future oriented of its activities.