WP6: Dissemination of the project and its outcomes

The work package “Dissemination of the project and its outcomes” ensures the best possible distribution and circulation of the project results and is carried out simultaneously with exploitation. The partner organisations will develop a wide range dissemination strategy, which will include all the dissemination activities on a transnational, national and regional level, in order to reach the above mentioned aims.

Main activities:

Task 1: Dissemination and exploitation strategy (media channels, target groups, material etc.)

Task 2: Designing the logo and the template of the products

Task 3: Website of the project (subcontract)

Task 4: Designing the initial and final brochure of the project

Task 5: Press releases/ newsletters and other informational material will be used at different stages of the project such as:

-          Beginning of the implementation of the project (awareness raising)

-          Pilot seminars and 3 Cycles of seminars

-          Operation of the website and e-learning platform

-          Info Days

Task 6: Info Days (one in each participating country)

Task 7: You Tube channel and Facebook profile

Task 8: Translation of the website, brochures and other dissemination material into the partner languages and in English