WP4: Development of the e-learning platform

Friday, 30 May 2014 17:09

WP4: Development of the e-learning platform

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WP4 refers to activities for the development of the e-learning platform that will host the on-line courses.

Main activities:
Task 1: Specification of the electronic platform
Task 2: Developing the architectural structure of the system (subcontract)
Task 3: The evaluation-testing of the first version of the e-learning platform is part of the activities undertaken under WP3 (Quality Control)
Task 4: Adoption of the final version of the system (subcontract)
Task 5: Integration of training modules on the electronic platform (subcontract)
Task 6: Manual for the use of the platform and on-line content (subcontract)


Task 7: Translations in partners languages (interface and user manual)