Educational material

Educational Material

The educational material developed in the frame of the FOOD-MED project can be found on the Moodle platform (

 The respective videos have been uploaded on YouTube.

You can also download the educational material (as a book, or in chapters) from the following links: 

    1. An Introduction to Healthy Diet
    2. Tomatoes and Healthy Diet
    3. Healthy Eating and Bulgarian Sour Milk
    4. Dried Fruits and Healthy Diet
    5. Wine
    6. Olive oil
    7. Honey
    8. Nutrition during Adolescene
    9. Healthy diet for children – childhood obesity
    10. Eatable Gardens - cultivate your own herbs
    11. How to stay healthy … With Grandma Remedies
    12. How to Eat Healthly … With Traditional Cuisine from Alentejo


Furthermore a Training design has been created to suggest different methodologies for the use of the material. It can be downloaded below.